Thursday, July 25, 2013


I can finally confirm the first successful fledgings that I have seen this year! Both of the chicks that were missing from their nests in recent days, are flying well and have returned to the nest! Yeah! Many more will follow soon. They probably already have but I have yet to confirm it! It takes a lot of time and energy to locate chicks, or wait for them to return to the nest.
I also have updates on the two males who were attending two nests. As of today, one of these males still had six chicks that were doing well. I have seen the male hanging around at one of his nests more than the other and often found the other female absent. I have now confirmed that she is having to fish for her family also. On my most recent visit, I did not see the male at either nest.

The other male with two nests was very  inattentive to his nest with three chicks in it and that female was leaving the nest unattended for fairly long periods of time to fish for her threesome. It's a calculated risk to leave the chicks alone, but she had to in order to ensure their survival. Sadly, his other nest has failed. The remains of the lone chick were found on the ground today. I saw the male perched alone on the empty nest, preening today..while his other mate, on the other nest, was out fishing. He does not seem to be directing his attention and energy to where it is most needed now. He is a young male and this is his first year of breeding.  The other male is a little older, a little more experienced, having bred successfully two other times.

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