Monday, May 21, 2018

Arboretum cam nest....

For those not reading the Facebook page, the Arboretum cam nest laid it’s first egg on May 3-4, the second egg on May 7 and the third egg on May 10. Like clockwork, every third day! They gave us a scare when the male brought a large sheet of plastic to the nest and the female struggled with one point it was completely covering her. Viewers were concerned that the adults would die, but they are always free to fly away and were in no danger. The concern was for the eggs. I watched another nest many years ago where the male brought some landscape fabric to the nest and when it covered the eggs, and they could no longer see them, they quit incubating and the eggs died, the nest failed. But in this case, although it was very frustrating to observe, the plastic got moved to the nest edge and finally blew away. Whew!
Ospreys are known for bringing interesting things to their nests. Over the years we found many funny things in the nests during banding, a lanyard with keys attached, hats, gloves, an arrow, etc. They  are also known for bringing dangerous things to the nest, like baling twine. We have rescued too many chicks that became tangled up in it. Last year I found a chick hanging dead from the nest edge tangled in orange baling twine. It wasnt the first time either.
Here is the link to the cam...

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