Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 8, 2013

Checking a few more nests of the latest fledgers. I found both chicks still near the nest, both are females. One had a fish and was happily eating, the other was food begging. Lo and behold, here comes an adult with a fish, but it's the adult female, not the male. No sign of the male. Hmmmmm. I saw the male here a few weeks ago, but at this late date I would expect to see the male not the female feeding them. I know of two other nests that are being fed by just the female, with no sign of the male for some time...since mid summer? I think we may have lost a few males this year. But at least it was good to see those two chicks staying out of trouble! Still wondering if these chicks and adults will stick around longer than usual before beginning migration, given their late start in life. Keeping track of all this to see if climate changes will alter the ospreys behaviors.  

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