Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Update for early May...

There are only a few nests that have not laid eggs now. In most cases it is because it is a new pair (one or both birds are new to the territory), or a nest was removed over the winter and had to be rebuilt. I am still seeing extra ospreys interacting at many nests. But this is normal since ospreys are semi colonial and our population is large enough for there to always be young birds around looking for a territory. I did observe a fairly aggressive attack a few days ago between two females...one of them had already laid eggs and I was worried that the eggs would be damaged by the attempts of one female to knock the other off the nest. Things did calm down when the male arrived...we will see if the eggs hatch.
As many of you know now the arboretum birds on the cam are incubating and have two eggs so far.
I spent some time watching a nest today where I still need to identify the male...but he would not get up from incubating! The female was walking around him and food begging for the 90 minutes I was there, trying to get him to stand up by getting very close and literally hollering in his face. Nope, he was comfortable. Some males really like to incubate, tho some seem nervous and can't wait for the female to take over. So interesting. I will have to try again to ID this male. The male who was on this nest earlier showed up at another nest so now I am wondering who this fellow is? I will figure it out. It's like putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

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