Thursday, June 12, 2014


I have been checking lots of nests...some for signs of hatching, some earlier hatches to see if I can tell how many chicks are in the nest. MANY nests are hatched now, a few are not...and on the nests where I can actually see some chicks, I have only seen two little guys...doesn't mean there isn't a third smaller chick there who is just not visible. I wonder how our overall numbers will be this year...I suspect down. I am also beginning to get complaints from people who have become addicted to their neighborhood osprey nest or the Arboretum cam!!! Should I start a twelve step program? I do fully understand how invested we can become in these wonderful birds! They took over my life! We are all anxiously waiting for another egg to hatch on the Arb nest...time will tell. As I said in another post, it seems as if the fertility of older males may drop...we have seen smaller broods from them in the past. But as I have also said many times...I am still learning! That is what keeps me going...knowing that something new may occur to raise questions about our assumptions or our commonly accepted keep watching, and keep reading, and feel free to ask questions here!

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