Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The wee ones...

Ah yes...first chick on the Arboretum nest...tumbling around under Mom. We saw the first pip of the shell late yesterday and we awoke to  the first chick! Male is standing guard. She is food begging so I hope we see a feeding soon. For all of the new volunteers on the TCM Osprey Watch this year, this is a good chance to observe the adult behaviors which are clues that a chick has arrived. This may help you to identify hatching on other nests. I know we tend to watch the chick on this cam, but also pay attention to what the adults are doing...the body position, the focus below, the males response. What a great teaching tool! We always need volunteers if anyone is interested in adopting a nest to watch over! And thanks to all of you who have alerted me to hatching on other nests! I am making the rounds to confirm as my time allows! It takes a village!
We are watching for subsequent eggs to hatch at the Arb and mnay nests are brooding and feeding chicks now. Little heads are being seen on some of the earliest nests to hatch...starting to count chicks! 

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