Monday, April 13, 2015

Arboretum nest cam

Well,well,well, For those who like a little soap opera action, the male on the Arbortum cam this morning (the day after the post below) is Z3...yes, it's Z2's brother, who was on the nest yesterday. I have screen shots of both bands. Both males have brought a fish for 3S too so we will see how the game of musical nests ends. Stay tuned! This fellow is working on the nest, digging a cup for the eggs, tho I have not seen a successful copulation yet.

We finally have a pair back on the nest at the Arboretum with the live cam. The female is the same one as last year, 3S. She is 5 years old this year. The male from past years, 79, has not been seen. He would be 23 years old this year if he returns. The oldest banded osprey documented in this study so far has been 22 years old. 79 has always been a late return in the spring so it's possible he may still show up. Meanwhile, another new young male has shown up. He is Z2, a three year old. He has been bringing 3S fish so perhaps he will be her new mate. Time will tell.
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