Sunday, April 12, 2015 they are!

As I predicted, the southerly winds have brought a boatload of Ospreys into town. Holy smokes. I was out all day trying to read bands and see what's happening. Some drama at some nests, with 5-6 Ospreys flying at onetime...territorial battles...and some birds on the wrong nests, some new mates. We will see what happens when the music stops and everyone has to sit. The wind gusting at 38 mph made band reading difficult ...the scope jiggling like crazy and birds having trouble hanging on to the nest and their fish. One female dropped her fish while trying to battle her way back to her nest. I watched one male land on his nest where a female was waiting...tho not his female of past years. He had a fish and she wanted it, but he was acting defensive, as I described in an earlier post. He was hanging his head, back turned to her, shaking his wings...and she kept jumping at him. Trying to scare him off? She finally bumped him off the nest. Ain't gonna get the fish that way honey. I was laughing out loud as I observed this little drama. He came back with the fish and she did it again, all the while food begging very loudly. Funny. Don't know how that one ended! Time will tell. Some nests are occupied by the regulars and things seem peaceful. I have a lot of bands to read and many more nests to visit. 125 miles today and 20 nests. I ran into one of my new volunteers out there today...great to have a face to go with the name. It's wonderful to meet the people who share this interest and passion. Thanks to you all for helping me watch over these nests!

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