Saturday, April 21, 2018

The single dad.....

Just a quick note.....for the fans who followed this page last year, I am over the moon happy to report that our single Dad has returned!!!!!! I am sitting here watching him eat a fish. No female seen yet. Fingers crossed! I also read a band on another male this morning, so our friends are trickling back in after our brutal, blizzardy early start to the breeding season. (Over a foot of snow one week ago!)
I know that some of you were waiting to hear about this fellow....and I had concerns since the last time I saw an osprey near this nest last September, it was being chased by a pair of bald eagles. Big sigh of relief!!!!! Now we are hoping that he will find a wonderful female to build a family with...any female would be lucky to mate with a male that was such a devoted parent. And a great provider! Woo hoo!

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