Friday, April 27, 2018

Update on Mr Mom....

As I was out and about today, I visited the nest of our single Dad. Yesterday I found no one there. Today, at first, the nest was empty but then I saw an Osprey gliding towards the nest, but he kept going, circled around, went up high and started a sky dance! Then I saw her, the other osprey, for whom he was dancing....she landed on a favorite perch of his former mate. He danced for her for quite a while, they flew around together....but it doesn’t appear as if it is a done deal. I told her that he is a great mate, and she would be hard pressed to do any better. I had to leave for an appointment, but am hopeful. He is trying to get a girl! I also found several more Ospreys incubating. Have gotten a lot of lovely bits of info from the public.....people I don’t know, just sharing photos, observations, return dates of their favorite Ospreys,’s heart warming to know the public is watching, and is aware of my efforts, a lovely network is being created!

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