Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Missing egg?

Hey osprey fans....I understand that this morning there two eggs visible in the osprey nest at the U of M Landscape Arboretum , and this afternoon, only one is visible. Did anyone see anything happen today that might explain the missing egg? I was not able to watch today and my iPad is now not showing the live stream...it keeps freezing. So I thought I would put the question to the osprey watching public. Any observations to share? I am seeing a fair number of extra osprey visitors at many nests, and sometimes they try to land, which can result in a skirmish. Did some interloper break an egg? Did one roll out of the nest or is it buried in new nest material?
Here is the link again for any that need it...

PS. We can see a broken egg in the nest. Don't know what happened. Bummer. I don't remember when the first egg was laid but the second was laid on May 16. Most ospreys in this area seem to incubate for 39 days so the projected hatch date for #2 egg is June 23. Of course we don't know which egg remains so it may be #1, which may hatch a day or two earlier. Time will tell. Hoping for no more broken eggs and a successful hatch. This might be the last chance for  Mr 79.

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